FILM REVIEW: Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2 (Greg McLean, 2013)

Terrifying. I’ve never been much of a horror movie fan, although I have always been intrigued by psychopaths and serial killers (I’m totally not a weirdo though). I saw the first Wolf Creek (Greg McLean, 2005) only because someone asked me to go with them, and I found it horrific. A large part of me did not want to see the sequel (even the ad on TV was freaking me out) but a tiny part of me was intrigued to see what would unfold. Early on in the film, I was somewhat regretting that choice. And I did consider walking out which is something I never do. But I didn’t. My friend and I sat it out (hands in front of faces) until the bitter end. And then I made my Dad pick me up from the train station because I was too scared to walk home alone in the dark. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Wolf Creek 2


Nebraska (Alexander Payne, 2013)

As I’ve mentioned before, in the last few years I have made it my mission to see all films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar before the awards ceremony. There’s usually at least one that doesn’t overly appeal to me, and usually I find my hesitations justified. This year, Nebraska was the film I went into hesitantly. Firstly, it’s in black and white and the trailer gave the impression it was all very bleak and dreary. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Nebraska

THEATRE REVIEW: Private Lives (Melbourne Theatre Company)

Private Lives (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2014)

When the curtain came down I was a bit lost for words. All I could do was shake my head and ask “what just happened?” I was so confused. I didn’t get the point…but I did. But I just didn’t. AND WHY WAS THERE JACKSON FIVE MUSIC IN A 1930s PLAY?! Continue reading THEATRE REVIEW: Private Lives (Melbourne Theatre Company)

FILM REVIEW: The Past (Le Passé)

The Past (Asghar Farhadi, 2013)

Wowzers. Following his Oscar-winning Iranian film A Separation (2012), director Asghar Farhadi follows up with The Past (Le Passé). I personally wasn’t awestruck by A Separation – a film that was universally lauded by critics. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The Past has not received the same praise, and has not been nominated in this year’s Foreign Film category (potentially for trivial reasons), however, this film absolutely blew me away. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Past (Le Passé)

What’s Wrong with the Oscars

My friends and family know I am prone to obsessing over awards season. In the last few years I have made it my mission to see all 9 or 10 films nominated for Best Picture before Oscar day, even when some of them didn’t appeal to me at all. I love that this is a time of year when amazing movies are released, and I like to see deserving films and people get rewarded. That being said, I am well aware of the many things that are wrong with the Oscars which often mean that the truly ‘best’ films or ‘best’ actors or ‘best’ editors (if there is such a thing) do not win. And so, in the interest of fairness I have decided to address these negatives (and no doubt there are others that I haven’t included here) before I start/continue hyperventilating about Oscar. Continue reading What’s Wrong with the Oscars

FILM REVIEW: 12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen, 2013)

This is not an easy film to watch. And that is why you need to watch it. 12 Years a Slave chronicles the true story of Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) – a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. From the outset it is grim – we know that he has a long twelve years ahead of him. Hans Zimmer’s score captures the sense of foreboding and sets up what is ahead as a horror film of sorts. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: 12 Years a Slave