Films to watch out for in 2014

There are plenty of great movies scheduled to be released this year, and this list will no doubt be missing some of them – mainly because some films are shrouded in secrecy and we don’t yet know much about them. For this reason, this list mostly consists of films that already have trailers, plus a few that I know for (almost) sure will be awesome. For now, here’s my list:

Divergent (Neil Burger, 2014)
Release date: 10th April
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd

Billed as The Next Hunger Games starring the awesome Shailene Woodley.

Muppets Most Wanted (James Bobin, 2014)
Release date: 10th April
Starring: Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey

The last Muppets movie made me cry with laughter so here’s hoping this is similar.

Chinese Puzzle (Cédric Klapisch, 2013)
Release date: 17th April
Starring: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou

A cute French rom-com set partly in New York starring adorable French actors.

The Amazing Spider-man 2: Rise of Electro (Marc Webb, 2014)
Release date: 17th April
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx

My favourite superhero. Even though I hate spiders. Explain that.

The Other Woman (Nick Cassavetes, 2014)
Release date: 17th April
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nicki Minaj

Just a fun chick flick – it may easily suck but I’m willing to take the risk.

Transcendence (Wally Pfister, 2014)
Release date: 24th April
Starring: Johnny Depp, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman

Freaky-deaky sci-fi stuff.

Bad Neighbours (Nicholas Stoller, 2014)
Release date: 8th May
Starring: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron

By the director of a heap of other hilarious comedies (The Five Year Engagement, Get Him to the Greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and hence I anticipate laughs aplenty.

The Double (Richard Ayoade, 2013)
Release date: 8th May
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska

Jesse Eisenberg goes C-RAZY when his doppelganger starts working at the same company.

52 Tuesdays (Sophie Hyde, 2013)
Release date: 15th May
Starring: Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Del Herbert-Jane

Director Sophie Hyde has already won accolades for this Australian film about a girl whose mother undergoes a sex change.

Maleficent (Robert Stromberg, 2014)
Release date: 29th May
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning

A re-telling of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the evil fairy played by Angelina Jolie. Angelina will probably adopt the princess at the end.

A Million Ways to Die in The West (Seth MacFarlane, 2014)
Release date: 29th May
Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris

Seth MacFarlane’s latest feature film looks morbid yet hilarious.

The Fault in Our Stars (Josh Boone, 2014)
Release date: 5th June
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Willem Dafoe, Laura Dern

Shailene Woodley stars in another sweet teen romance which looks beautiful aside from her heinous hair-cut.

Sunshine on Leith (Dexter Fletcher, 2013)
Release date: 12th June
Starring: Jason Flemyng, George MacKay

A Scottish musical with the music of The Proclaimers.

Gabrielle (Louise Archambault, 2013)
Release date: 19th June
Starring: Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Alexandre Landry

A French-Canadian film about a young woman with William’s Syndrome who falls in love.

22 Jump Street (Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, 2014)
Release date: 19th June
Starring: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill

Hot Channing and Funny Jonah = Good Times.

Million Dollar Arm (Craig Gillespie, 2014)
Release date: 19th June
Starring: Jon Hamm, King, Lake Bell

Jon Hamm starts as a sports agent seeking to recruit Asian cricket players to play Major League Baseball.

Jersey Boys (Clint Eastwood, 2014)
Release date: 26th June
Starring: John Lloyd Young, Christopher Walken

Clint Eastwood. A musical. Broadway cast members chosen over a big name cast. WINNING.

Less than 3 months to go and still no trailer :(
Less than 3 months to go and still no trailer 😦

Yves Saint Laurent (Jalil Lespert, 2014)
Release date: 26th June
Starring: Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne

Bio-pic starring my new crush Pierre Niney as French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Tammy (Ben Falcone, 2014)
Release date: 3rd July
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon

Melissa McCarthy’s screenwriting debut – I am anticipating hilarity.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Matt Reeves, 2014)
Release date: 10th July
Starring: Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis

The first one was surprisingly good.

Jupiter Ascending (Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski, 2014)
Release date: 24th July
Starring: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne

While this sci-fi flick has the potential to be hilariously awful, I’m hoping the decent cast means this will be worthwhile.

Sex Tape (Jake Kasdan, 2014)
Release date: 31st July
Starring: Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz

Another one that could be heinous, but Jason Segel should save it.

The Rover (David Michôd, 2014)
Release date: 31st July
Starring: Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson

Apparently the Australian film of the year starring Edward Cullen.

Get On Up (Tate Taylor, 2014)
Release date: 4th September
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer

Bio-pic about James Brown. I FEEL GOOD about this one. See what I did there?

Gone Girl (David Fincher, 2014)
Release date: 2nd October
Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris

Based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, directed by The Social Network’s David Fincher.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl
Ben Affleck in Gone Girl

Devil’s Knot (Atom Egoyan, 2013)
Release date: 24th October
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth

Three teenagers are accused of murdering three children as part of a satanic ritual.

Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014)
Release date: 6th November
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine

Christopher Nolan. Matthew McConaughey. It’s already amazing.

The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 (Francis Lawrence, 2014)
Release date: 20th November
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci

JENNIFER LAWRENCE. And a trilogy I love. I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

The beginning of the end
The beginning of the end

Paddington (Paul King, 2014)
Release date: 11th December
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins


Annie (Will Gluck, 2014)
Release date: 19th December
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis, Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne

While this does have the potential to be terrible (“let’s make musicals hip yo!”) I still think the trailer holds promise… fingers crossed.

Into the Woods (Rob Marshall, 2014)
Release date: 1st January 2015
Starring: Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt

Meryl, Johnny, and Anna Kendrick in a musical about fairytale characters. It couldn’t possibly be anything less than awesome.

Meryl, Goddess
Meryl, Goddess

Foxcatcher (Bennett Miller, 2014)
Release date: TBC
Starring: Channing Tatum, Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, Sienna Miller

Steve Carell plays a paranoid schizophrenic murderer and Channing Tatum will be topless.

The Last 5 Years (Richard LaGravenese, 2014)
Release date: TBC
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan

A musical told in reverse composed by Jason Robert Brown. Hurry up and get a distributor so I can go swoon over Jeremy Jordan’s sublime voice.


What films are you looking forward to this year?

3 thoughts on “Films to watch out for in 2014”

  1. I cannot wait to see Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent” when it comes out October 2014 in France and it was just selected for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and is in the running for the Palme D’Or. Not having Pierre Bergé’s approval means that Bonello has the freedom to show a side of Yves Saint Laurent or Pierre Bergé for that matter that Bergé doesn’t want the world to see.The only great thing about Lespert’s movie are Pierre Niney,Guillaume Galienne and the costumes. Bonello’s movie has the 4x César nominee and the 2013 Palme d’Or winner and 2014 BAFTA nominee for Blue is the Warmest Color Léa Seydoux (Benoit Jacquot’s Farewell My Queen,Brad Bird’s Mission Impossible,Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris,Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds,Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel) and César winners Gaspard Ulliel,Louis Garrel and Jeremie Renier and Bonello’s screenwriter is Thomas Bidegain who wrote Marion Cotillard’s Rust and Bone which was nominated at the Golden Globes for Best Foreign Movie and for A Prophet by César and BAFTA winner Jacques Audiard .I expect a better script and better acting from everyone.

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