FILM REVIEW: The Other Woman

The Other Woman (Nick Cassavetes, 2014)

Champagne! Woooooo!
Champagne! Woooooo!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good old-fashioned decent chick flick, and The Other Woman thankfully delivers. Sunny New York, blonde babes, a one-dimensional wanker of a man, and cocktails in the Bahamas. Sign me up! If you’ve seen the trailer you will know it’s about a man’s wife (Leslie Mann) and his mistresses (Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton) who band together to get revenge on the cheating bastard. It did seem to take a while to get to this point, but that’s because the revenge isn’t really the focus of the film. Instead it’s about the unlikely friendship forged between these women.
friendsOn the revenge front, comparisons can easily be made with teen flick John Tucker Must Die (Betty Thomas, 2006). Clichés abound – laxatives in his drink, hair removal gel in his shampoo bottle, and of course oestrogen pills in his morning smoothie. There’s not much new here but that doesn’t stop it from being entertaining. I suppose they couldn’t really go much further because even these factors have some viewers complaining that the film promotes sexism and assault. Yeah, please. Causing an adulterous dickbrain to have diarrhoea is barely comparable with the statistic of one woman dying every week from domestic abuse so get the hell over it. If you’ve ever been cheated on, you will probably delight in seeing this wanker’s (relatively minor) suffering and that’s more than okay with me.

Let's all laugh at the dickbrain
Let’s all laugh at the dickbrain

A stunning and hilarious bunch of women have been assembled here. Leslie Mann as Kate struck just the right balance between slightly grating dependent wife and gorgeous lovable independent woman. Cameron Diaz as smart/beautiful/perfect Carly is just as enjoyable to watch as ever and is still totally hot. Kate Upton is a stunner and just the right amount of funny as the fun young ditz, Amber (such a clichéd hot-babe-with-big-boobs name). All three women are a pleasure to watch and their developing friendship is a joy. No woman against woman bitchy bullshit here. It is solidarity all the way. Nicki Minaj also stars in a bit part as Carly’s receptionist and has her hair dyed a different colour in every scene. No big names for the male parts although dickbrain Mark is one of the guys from Game of Thrones which apparently everyone but me watches (at the risk of sounding like my grandmother there were too many characters for me. I was lost after just five episodes and gave up). I think he played a dickbrain in that too (was he the one who slept with his sister? Ew.) Similarities with Game of Thrones end here – no one dies. Oops, spoiler alert! But not really.

crazy hair!
crazy hair!

Obviously this film is nothing ground-breaking, and you don’t need to think much while you watch it. It’s a bit clichéd and a bit silly, but it’s fun. And sometimes that is all you need for a good night out at the movies.

3.5 stars

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