FILM REVIEW: Love, Rosie

Love Rosie (Christian Ditter, 2014)

It’s high time we got a good dose of sap in a decent rom-com. Even if we all know where it’s heading. Love, Rosie is based on Cecelia Ahearn’s novel, Where Rainbows End, with the setting shifting from Dublin to London. Ahearn’s work has been successfully adapted for the screen before, in the tearjerker P.S. I Love You, and Love, Rosie lives up to its predecessor, perhaps even surpassing it.

Kids being kids

Rosie (Lily Collins) has been best friends with Alex (Sam Claflin) since they were kids. The film begins on Rosie’s 18th birthday, and charts the course of their friendship up until they’re roughly 30 years old. This is a major change from the book, in which they don’t even get together until they’re 50! It’s too upsetting to imagine not getting to see Sam Claflin in the buff until he’s old and I can only assume that’s the reason it was changed. Though it’s blatantly obvious these two love each other, life gets in the way, and the timing is always just off. Sometimes by just minutes.

An airport goodbye...
An airport goodbye…

FINALLY a good chick flick! I feel like I’ve been waiting all year for this. Rather than presenting a candy-coated version of romance, it showcased the realistic struggles of a life that doesn’t always turn out the way that we planned. Of course it does have its predictable moments, but GOOD. I was waiting the whole film for that ending! And it did not disappoint. Tears welled up almost immediately.

I almost teared up when that ice cream went to waste
I almost teared up when that ice cream went to waste

Love, Rosie doesn’t seem to have been marketed particularly well – in advertising it came across as a teen film which may have turned some viewers off, but past the initial twenty minutes or so, this is a film about adults (albeit young ones). Though the film is meant to cover twelve years, the two leads don’t really age at all. Alex’s hair just got better while Rosie’s got worse. When make-up isn’t enough, just change the hair! That’ll fool ‘em!

Misleading advertising
Misleading advertising

I could almost drown in Sam Claflin’s dimples. He is simply a beautiful man. Following on from The Hunger Games, I hope his star continues to rise so I can drown some more. Lily Collins pulled off a perfectly believable English accent and though she is incapable of looking older, her performance was genuine and endearing. The supporting characters are a tad one-dimensional, but the actors did the best with what they had.


Though London can often look like a miserable town, it radiated a kind of warmth here, and was really quite attractive. Turns out it was actually filmed in Dublin – figures. It does seem a bit odd that they changed the book’s Dublin setting to London if they were going to film there anyway, but I can only assume it’s because they wanted to cast English actors. One particular highlight of the film was its fun soundtrack, which included the likes of Elton John, Lily Allen, and KT Tunstall. Lily Allen’s F**k You was utilised particularly well. In a brilliant, typical chick flick kind of way.

Even the back of his head is gorgeous
Even the back of his head is gorgeous

Love, Rosie is perfect for a girls night out at the movies. While it isn’t often laugh-out loud funny, it is certainly sweet and it tugs at the heartstrings to the point where you almost want to stand up, and yell at the screen “JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY!” Of course, we know they will, but it doesn’t make it any less of a tearjerker. Bring tissues.

3.5 stars

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