Deadpool (Tim Miller, 2016)

So superhero movies often suck, unless they’re The Dark Knight trilogy or the original Spiderman movies. Last year Guardians of the Galaxy was supposedly meant to break the mould because it had a great soundtrack and a greater frequency of jokes. But it was NOT. THAT. GOOD. And so it seemed unlikely that this supposed new twist on the genre would be any different. But lo and behold, Deadpool was actually vastly superior to any American comic book adaptation we have seen of late, and not just because Ryan Reynolds wears a RENT t-shirt in it.


There were a few fanboys out in force when I went along to see Deadpool, and unfortunately when audience members laugh TOO hard at things that are really only smirk-inducing at best, it makes them seem a whole lot less funny to me. But it must be said, this film is chock-full of entertaining, self-deprecating jokes. And while it may seem somewhat hypocritical for a Marvel film to make fun of the mindless entertainment the genre offers up when it offers it up SO DAMN MUCH in almost every other film it produces, it’s a welcome departure from the norm. There’s no stupid boring mission the hero has to embark on – he simply wants to be hotter and to get his girlfriend back. He’s not even a superhero, just a guy who volunteers to undergo a radical backyard cancer treatment who becomes super-strong and super-Freddy-Krueger-looking in the process.

Dear Diary...
Dear Diary…

Ryan Reynolds takes the piss out of himself (especially in one glorious line of dialogue) and is a pleasure to watch even when he’s not his usual spunky self. I spent the whole movie wondering IS Morena Baccarin definitely the mum from Homeland? Because age-wise this isn’t making sense. And then I found out she was a 31 year old playing the mother of a 16 year old on that show because casting agents are stupid. Suddenly she seems like she’s reversed in age and she’s magic. This is too much to fathom.

This is the mum from Homeland??? And Ryan Reynolds is wearing a RENT t-shirt???? This is all too much.
This is the mum from Homeland??? And Ryan Reynolds is wearing a RENT t-shirt???? This is all too much.

Director Tim Miller has done extremely well for his debut feature length film, following a few previous animated shorts which included the Oscar-nominated Gopher Broke in 2004. Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have written another winner here – Reese has certainly come a long way since Cruel Intentions 3. Their script may well make you laugh harder than any other comic book film has, just don’t overdo it.

4 stars

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