MUSICAL REVIEW: Matilda the Musical

Matilda (Melbourne, 2016)

It’s possible I’ve never been as obsessed with a movie as I was at age ten with Matilda. Released in 1996, it Americanised Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name, which may have been blasphemous to some, however it was met with critical acclaim and more importantly, my love. Fourteen years later my two loves collided and the musical came out, with music and lyrics by the unconquerable Tim Minchin. Another six long years later, and Melbourne finally gets to see it. Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Matilda the Musical

FILM REVIEW: Wide Open Sky

Wide Open Sky (Lisa Nichols, 2015)

If you want to know why the arts are imperative in education, you need not look any further than Wide Open Sky. In this local documentary, choir director Michelle Leonard travels 4000km across rural NSW, auditioning 2000 primary school kids for her Moorambilla Voices Regional Choir. One hundred and thirty children are selected, and attend a three day camp in which they must learn a repertoire of songs. One month later they perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Wide Open Sky

FILM REVIEW: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Zach Snyder, 2016)

I thought superhero movies were usually pretty bad. But I had no idea of the depths to which they could sink. Batman V Superman makes Ant-Man look like a masterpiece. I rarely want to walk out of a film and the only reason I didn’t is because I knew I had no right to an opinion without seeing this critically panned mess for myself. But was is it worth it? NO. Save yourselves! See literally ANYTHING ELSE! Even an Adam Sandler movie! Hell, even Fifty Shades of Grey was better than this. Because although it was stupid and screwed up, at least it didn’t BORE ITS AUDIENCE TO TEARS. This isn’t a case of “so bad it’s good”. This is no San Andreas. This is no shitty low budget film that doesn’t make sense. This is THE END OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

FILM REVIEW: Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next (Michael Moore, 2015)

Sometimes it’s easy to idolise America – the supposed land of the free, the home of Broadway, the place where dreams come true in the movies. But then you remember all that is wrong with the United States – their gun laws, their healthcare, their working conditions, and that Donald Trump actually has a shot at the presidency, which speaks volumes of the failings of the education system. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Where to Invade Next

FILM REVIEW: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, 2016)

Chris Hemsworth returns as The Huntsman in this prequel-sequel-in-one, a film that proves that sometimes there simply isn’t enough backstory to be fleshed out for a whole extra movie. The Huntsman: Winter’s War wraps itself around 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman, with some added faces and one notable omission. Snow White isn’t seen this time around (only briefly from the back), most likely on account of Kristin Stewart’s indiscretion with previous director Rupert Sanders. This time it is visual effects specialist Cedric Nicolas-Troyan who takes the director’s chair. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Huntsman: Winter’s War