MUSICAL REVIEW: Heathers the Musical

Heathers (Melbourne, 2016)

Before Mean Girls, there was Heathers. The eighties cult classic starred Winona Ryder and took cliques to a new level of murderous proportions. Full of memorable one-liners, big hair and deliciously black comedy, it was perfect material for a musical. Initially workshopped in 2010, it premiered Off-Broadway in 2014 where it played for five months. It is yet to grace the big lights of Broadway but if there is any justice in the world it is only a matter of time. For now, Australia is treated to an epic production of its own. Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Heathers the Musical

MUSICAL REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors (Melbourne, 2016)

Almost every time The Hayes Theatre in Sydney announces their latest show I hope and pray that it will soon be on its way to Melbourne (I’m still waiting for the RENT announcement, k thx bai). I didn’t have to get my knickers in a knot this time around, however, when a full national tour was announced for Little Shop of Horrors from the get go. Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors


The Boss (Ben Falcone, 2016)

Melissa McCarthy.  Who knows which way a film with her name on it will go. You always get a sense of what you’re going to get, but you can never quite trust whether the overall product will be any good. For every Bridesmaids, there’s an Identity Thief. For every Spy, there’s a Tammy.  One would hope that The Boss would find a place among her better work, but early signs weren’t positive. McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone directs and co-writes (with McCarthy), after his less than successful debut with Tammy. Kristen Bell co-stars, and if there’s anyone who matches McCarthy in the “will-it-or-won’t-it-be-good” stakes, it’s her. (For every Veronica Mars there’s a When in Rome, for every Frozen there’s a You Again, for every adorable reaction to a sloth there’s a role in Movie 43). Then there was the trailer which involved McCarthy working Bell’s bra like a puppet master. Expectations were not high. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Boss

FILM REVIEW: The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book (Jon Favreau, 2016)

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book is brought to life in Disney’s first live-action adaptation of the year. Justin Marks‘ screenplay is a darker take on the Disney classic, appearing to borrow more from Kipling’s books than the 1967 animation. All the familiar characters are back – one with a sex change – and Mowgli’s happy-go-lucky attitude is still there, but this is certainly not one for the littlies.
Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Jungle Book (2016)