Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: The BFG, Jason Bourne & Suicide Squad

Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews

Time for another wrap up of some recent releases. See below for some brief thoughts  on Spielberg’s Roald Dahl adaptation, the new Bourne, and the most highly anticipated comic book flick of the year.

(Stephen Spielberg, 2016)
Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel is brought to the screen by the great Stephen Spielberg, but disappointingly this is no match for other Dahl gems such as Matilda and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Hell, I think I even preferred the nightmare-inducing The Witches to this. Mark Rylance is a touching BFG and Ruby Barnhill is spot on casting for Sophie. The films looks beautiful and the dialogue is magical, but ultimately this was too boring for kids while not having much else for adults.
3 stars

Jason Bourne
(Paul Greengrass, 2016)
Jason Bourne
Despite loving MATT DAMON I stopped caring about Bourne after the first film and have never re-visited the franchise until now. I was only keen to see the reboot because of my girl-crush, perfection-personified Alicia Vikander. She spends the whole film with her hair clipped in a bun and I thought surely there’s going to be some hella lame moment where she takes the clip out and shakes those glorious locks all over the place. BUT! This film didn’t buy into that crap and the film ends with Alicia’s hair still up. While I’d usually be glad that a film broke with sexist tradition, I have to say I was disappointed. As for the rest of the film, who knows. I didn’t follow it and I didn’t care. More like Jason Bourrrrrrrring!
2.5 stars

Suicide Squad
(David Ayer, 2016)
Suicide SquadWhile the trailer looked like we might be going back to the glory days of The Dark Knight trilogy, early reviews weren’t positive. Given those lowered expectations, I was able to enjoy myself. Suicide Squad is nothing special, but it’s two hours of solid entertainment and no less than a masterpiece compared to Batman V Superman. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is the main reason to see this; she steals every scene she’s in. Jared Leto as the Joker doesn’t end up doing nearly as much as the marketing suggests (though apparently he’s actually a sociopath going by his ‘method’ acting), while Cara Delevingne is flat out bad. Let’s hope any future films don’t go the shitty Batman path and are all about Harley Quinn.
3.5 stars


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