Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: Sausage Party, The Shallows & Tickled

Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews

This week’s short ‘n’ sweet looks at three films which are all very entertaining but in completely different ways. So take your pick: vulgar, scary, or WTF? 

Sausage Party (Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon, 2016)

If you think this is appropriate for kids, you're a goddamn FOOL!
If you think this is appropriate for kids, you’re a goddamn FOOL!

DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS. Surely the title makes that clear. Along with the fact it’s a Seth Rogen film. This could have one of the most graphic orgy films seen in mainstream cinema, but it’s animated and therefore much easier to get away with. The film features a musical number written by Alan Menken so it’s already winning based on that. Set predominantly in a supermarket, Sausage Party is about what happens after the products are “chosen” for a better life but then find out they all pretty much get murdered. There is so much wrong with this film but it’s oh so right if you’re in a silly mood and up for some crass humour.
3.5 stars


The Shallows (Jaume Collet-Serra, 2016)
The ShallowsThis has been described as “Blake Lively VS a shark” and I can tell you it’s infinitely better than Batman VS Superman. Jaws for the modern era, The Shallows does buy into the scare-mongering hype around sharks, but it’s surprisingly good for a film starring Blake Lively in a bikini. Her character is a medical student and that was just as well because she would have died about twenty minutes in otherwise. I wouldn’t call it enjoyable because it’s scary but it was a decent film.
3.5 stars


Tickled (David Farrier & Dylan Reeve, 2016)


Like Catfish, this is one of those films where it’s best not to know too much going in. In this Kiwi documentary we find out there is such a thing as competitive endurance tickling. And it’s not just shits and giggles. See it to find out more… It’s intriguing and disturbing and makes you realise how weird tickling is.
3.5 stars

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