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FILM REVIEW: Second Act (2018)

Christmas approaches and with it, a slew of feel-good films. Some good, some bad, some utter catastrophes. Second Act, directed by Peter Segal, falls into the latter category as a film so farcical it’s embarrassing.

Maya (Jennifer Lopez) is incensed after she loses out on a promotion at work that goes to an educated douche. On her birthday she makes a wish that she lived in a world where “street smarts equal book smarts”. And honestly if the film had taken that explicitly magical route, it would have been better for it. Instead, her best friend’s cyber-savvy son overhears, makes her a fake CV and Facebook page, and sends in an application on her behalf to a top finance firm. She has a five minute interview and she’s hired, despite not even appearing to check beforehand what the job was for. Because it’s just that easy you guys. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Second Act (2018)

THE CLAIRESTBEAREST AWARDS a.k.a. A Very Subjective Best of 2016 in Cinema

It’s time for the annual (but not really seeing as I didn’t do it last year) clairestbearest awards. Entirely subjective of course, and I didn’t see everything but nevertheless, here goes: Continue reading THE CLAIRESTBEAREST AWARDS a.k.a. A Very Subjective Best of 2016 in Cinema

FILM REVIEW: The Accountant

The Accountant (Gavin O’Connor, 2016)

Ben Affleck is The Accountant. The film’s title doesn’t exactly evoke much excitement, but like every other film this year, it can’t be any worse than the snooze-fest that was Batman V Superman. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Accountant

FILM REVIEW: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Zach Snyder, 2016)

I thought superhero movies were usually pretty bad. But I had no idea of the depths to which they could sink. Batman V Superman makes Ant-Man look like a masterpiece. I rarely want to walk out of a film and the only reason I didn’t is because I knew I had no right to an opinion without seeing this critically panned mess for myself. But was is it worth it? NO. Save yourselves! See literally ANYTHING ELSE! Even an Adam Sandler movie! Hell, even Fifty Shades of Grey was better than this. Because although it was stupid and screwed up, at least it didn’t BORE ITS AUDIENCE TO TEARS. This isn’t a case of “so bad it’s good”. This is no San Andreas. This is no shitty low budget film that doesn’t make sense. This is THE END OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice