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FILM REVIEW: Ruben Guthrie

Ruben Guthrie (Brendan Cowell, 2015)

Have you ever responded with dismay when a friend has refused an alcoholic beverage? Do you live in Australia? If you answered yes to both of these questions, Ruben Guthrie should hit close to home. Brendan Cowell directs this adaptation of his 2008 play, reflecting a very flawed attitude to booze back to the viewer. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Ruben Guthrie


The Sublime (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2014)

Ben O'Toole, Anna Samson, & Josh McConville
Ben O’Toole, Anna Samson, & Josh McConville

Oh the controversy! I had no idea that Brendan Cowell’s The Sublime had provoked such conflicting reactions until I trawled the internet after seeing it yesterday. The MTC has even published a statement in response to criticism of its decision to stage such a play.

Continue reading THEATRE REVIEW: The Sublime