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Burnt (John Wells, 2015)

Bradley Cooper + food. Who could ask for anything more? While our television screens remain saturated with cooking competitions, cinema is slowly getting in on the act, with last year’s Chef and The Hundred-Foot Journey appealing to audiences’ taste buds, with Burnt the latest addition. With a screenplay by The Hundred-Foot Journey’s Steven McKnight, Burnt sees its characters similarly aim for the most coveted prize in fine dining: three Michelin stars. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Burnt



Chef (Jon Favreau, 2014)

John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale & Jon Favreau
John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale & Jon Favreau

As someone who used to watch Masterchef on TV, I have to wonder why it was so appealing – they just cook food, big whoop. But there’s something about watching someone make a beautiful dish that somehow hits the spot (and of course the editing adds suspense and humour). We don’t even get to taste the food, but the visuals alone seem to hook us. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Chef