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FILM REVIEW: American Ultra

American Ultra (Nima Nourizadeh, 2015)

Let’s smoke some weed and kick some arse! That’s not quite so much the premise of American Ultra, but more likely something the filmmakers said as they conceived it. Having already demonstrated his love of excess in his debut feature Project X, director Nima Nourizadeh teams up with screenwriter Max Landis to deliver yet another over the top comedy. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: American Ultra

FILM REVIEW: This is Where I Leave You

This is Where I Leave You (Shawn Levy, 2014)

I hate when they show all the best parts in the trailer. This is Where I Leave You looked totally like my kind of thing, but beyond those few moments that I’d already seen a dozen times, there wasn’t much more to relish. Is it so hard to make a heartwarming dramedy these days? Recent attempts would suggest as much.

Continue reading FILM REVIEW: This is Where I Leave You