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FILM REVIEW: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (David Yates, 2016)

It’s been five years since we bid farewell to Harry Potter on screen and lost our will to live through to November. Harry Potter has indeed lingered beyond the screen, with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child currently selling out on the West End despite its audience being required to attend two separate performances to see the entire show. Even Daniel Radcliffe has managed to find work, continuing his attempts to prove that he actually can act. But the absence of any films set in Harry’s wizarding world has left somewhat of a hole, only able to be filled with excessive fan fiction and Harry Potter trivia nights. Praise be to Dumbledore that finally, Potter nerds have something to get excited about once more, with the Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


FILM REVIEW: The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl (Tom Hooper, 2015)

Something smells like Oscar bait. Or maybe it’s just Tom Hooper. The Danish Girl has more than a whiff of Hooper’s usual winning formula which has previously resulted in Oscar glory for The King’s Speech (which won awards for best picture, director, original screenplay, and actor), and Les Misérables (wins in smaller categories, with further nominations including best picture). His latest effort is arguably of the same quality, however Hooper and the film have missed out on directing and picture nominations this year. Is that because the Academy know his game all too well now, or because they aren’t sold on the subject matter? Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Danish Girl

FILM REVIEW: Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending (Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski, 2015)

Nothing could have prepared me for what The Wachowskis (Andy and Lana) had in store for us this time around. After spellbinding audiences with The Matrix back in 1999, letting them down with the sequels, and then reclaiming some respect with Cloud Atlas (depending on who you talk to – I enjoyed it, but mainly because of the make-up), they have hit rock bottom with Jupiter Ascending. Five minutes in and I contemplated getting my money back (something I’ve never done) because it was clear from the get-go that this was going to be a monstrosity. If I hadn’t just seen Fifty Shades of Grey a few days earlier, this would have been the worst movie I’ve seen in years. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Jupiter Ascending

Oscar 2015 Predictions

Oscars on Monday! (or Sunday for Americans). Same as last year – I’m giving you my predictions and wishes. Films I haven’t seen are marked with an asterisk (*). Who’s going to get the gold? Continue reading Oscar 2015 Predictions

FILM REVIEW: The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything (James Marsh, 2014)

Well gosh darn jolly hockey sticks old chap! Here comes a brilliant British Oscar contender that isn’t falling over itself to be as pompous as possible. Many commentators have decried the influx of clichéd white male genius biopics at Oscar season which may not really deserve to be there. But they’re British! And they’re about white male geniuses! So of course they’re going to be there – have you learnt nothing about the demographic of Academy voters? But unlike the overrated The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything is, well, EVERYTHING. This is the first biopic in yonks that is utterly compelling and heart-wrenching. And Eddie Redmayne deserves every award he gets. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Theory of Everything