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FILM REVIEW: A Simple Favour (2018)

Based on the book of the same name by Darcey Bell, A Simple Favour sees Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick), a mummy blogger, trying to raise her young son (Joshua Satine) on her own while keeping up an Energiser bunny-like enthusiasm. Despite her willingness to get involved she hasn’t made many friends, and quickly becomes enamoured by one of the other mothers, the mysterious Emily Nelson (Blake Lively). After sharing a series of playdates where they drink cocktails and exchange secrets, Emily asks Stephanie for a simple favour while her husband (Henry Golding) is away: to pick up her son (Ian Ho) from school. A few days later, there’s still no sign of Emily. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: A Simple Favour (2018)


Gone Girl (David Fincher, 2014)
clairestbearestreviews_filmreview_gonegirl_amyOH. MA. GA. If you haven’t read Gone Girl yet, then you are missing out on life. But on the other hand, I am totes jealous because it means you can freshly experience all of the film’s jaw-dropping twists and turns. I made my boyfriend – who hadn’t read the book – come with me so I could experience the film vicariously through him as a newbie. But even though I knew what aces the film had up its sleeve, I was still transfixed and hungry for more.

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