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FILM REVIEW: Blockers (2018)

Parents cock-blocking their kids. This is where cinema is at in 2018. Teenage girls being reminded that they don’t know better and need John Cena to come save them. But while it sounds a bit on the nose, it’s thankfully not the steaming pile of crap it could have been. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Blockers (2018)


Snatched (Jonathan Levine, 2017)

Just in time for Mother’s Day comes the mother-daughter kidnapping caper, Snatched. Following on from Trainwreck comes Amy Schumer’s second starring feature, although this time she’s taking a break from writing duties. Katie Dippold (The HeatGhostbusters) pens the screenplay, with director Jonathan Levine (50/50Warm BodiesThe Night Before) at the helm. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Snatched