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FILM REVIEW: Hereditary (2018)

With promises to be the year’s, if not the decade’s, scariest film, Hereditary wasn’t the best film for a small cinema in Western Australia to accidentally show a trailer for at a screening of Peter Rabbit. But it happened, and let’s face it: it’s kind of hilarious, childhood nightmares aside. Nevertheless, this film will likely be remembered for much more. And anyone who watches it may remain forever freaked out by the sound of a tongue-click. (Children clip-clopping around pretending to be horses can BACK THE HELL UP). Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Hereditary (2018)



It Follows (David Robert Mitchell, 2014)

I tend to avoid horror movies. As a teen, the Urban Legend and Final Destination franchises had me shaking in my boots, and The Craft was absolutely terrifying. Not just the snakes, but the bit where she loses her hair OH MY GOD. My worst nightmare. It’s not difficult, however, to see the appeal in the horror genre. There is something exciting about having the absolute shit scared out of you when you’re in a safe and comfortable environment, and the psychoanalytic side of horror is intriguing. When I heard that It Follows was being touted as one of the “scariest horror films of all time” I had to see what all of the fuss was about. But I made sure to see it during the day time. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: It Follows