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FILM REVIEW: Human Capital

Human Capital (Paolo Virzì, 2014)

Vying for Oscar glory, Human Capital is Italy’s submission to the best foreign film category at the 2015 Academy Awards, having already won multiple accolades at home. Following on from last year’s submission The Great Beauty (which went on to win the Oscar), themes concerning the country’s economic decline are again at the forefront. But unlike The Great Beauty which went completely over this reviewer’s head, Human Capital is much more accessible. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Human Capital


Marina (Stijn Coninx, 2013)
clairestbearestreviews_filmreview_italianfilm_marina_poster_oddchoiceMy pick of the Italian Film Festival was Marina, a biopic about a young Italian man who endures (moderate) hardship and racism to finally become what surely every young boy dreams of becoming… A FAMOUS ACCORDION PLAYER! If that doesn’t impress the girls, I don’t know what will. It wasn’t your average biopic in that sense, but it was a successful one.

Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Marina