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FILM REVIEW: Game Night (2018)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game night? There’s drinks, nibbles, good company, and some fierce competition. And best of all – it’s cheaper than going out. Still, it usually isn’t exciting enough to take up a whole film, unless there’s a bit of a twist. Thankfully, directors John Francis Daley (who you may remember as young dweeb, Sam, from the short-lived but excellent Freaks and Geeks) and Jonathan Goldstein  offer up just that in Game Night. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Game Night (2018)


Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: Nocturnal Animals, The Founder & Office Christmas Party

A few more November/December releases get their short ‘n’ sweetness treatment below. The first two are still in cinemas but probably not for much longer so get on it! I’m not sure about the last but it’s not worth seeing anyway and the time for Christmas movies has come and gone.  Continue reading Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: Nocturnal Animals, The Founder & Office Christmas Party


The Gift (Joel Edgerton, 2015)

Kids will be kids, and kids can be cruel, but karma’s a bitch so be mindful at school.

If Joel Edgerton’s directorial debut was the type of film that included a creepy schoolyard-style chant, this would fit the bill. Exploring the consequences of high school bullying, The Gift is a cautionary tale: don’t be a dick in high school. And if you were, stop being one. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Gift

FILM REVIEW: Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2 (Sean Anders, 2014)

Why would they make a Horrible Bosses 2 you ask? When the first one wasn’t even that good? Well, we could certainly do a lot worse. And as far as recent comedies go, Horrible Bosses is probably one of the better ones. In a similar vein to The Hangover and Jump Street franchises that have gone before, Horrible Bosses 2 sticks almost entirely to the plot of the original, but it’s still good enough fun, and it’s better than a Transformers movie. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Horrible Bosses 2

FILM REVIEW: This is Where I Leave You

This is Where I Leave You (Shawn Levy, 2014)

I hate when they show all the best parts in the trailer. This is Where I Leave You looked totally like my kind of thing, but beyond those few moments that I’d already seen a dozen times, there wasn’t much more to relish. Is it so hard to make a heartwarming dramedy these days? Recent attempts would suggest as much.

Continue reading FILM REVIEW: This is Where I Leave You