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Table 19 (Jeffrey Blitz, 2017)

If you ever find yourself watching Table 19 on Netflix or a similar streaming service, you may be inclined to give up twenty minutes in and choose something else. But keep in mind that it does significantly improve, even if it does take until the half way point to really get going. If you go the old-fashioned route of buying your ticket to Table 19 at a cinema, you are presumably more likely to persevere even when things look bleak. Unlike the many Anna Kendrick vehicles that bypass cinemas and go straight to digital, this is one film that will rely on its cinema attendance because for home viewers spoilt for choice, it takes too long to prove its worth. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Table 19


FILM REVIEW: The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby (Tom McGrath, 2017)

Alec Baldwin returns, but this time it’s not as Trump. It’s as a baby. (So actually, still close enough). Based on Marla Frazee’s picture book of the same name, The Boss Baby is brought to the screen by screenwriter Michael McCullers and director Tom McGrath. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Boss Baby