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Macbeth (Justin Kurzel, 2015)

Everyone sucks. Everyone dies. And you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about for most of it. That usually wouldn’t be a winning combination, but SHAKESPEARE! Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Macbeth

Oscar 2015 Predictions

Oscars on Monday! (or Sunday for Americans). Same as last year – I’m giving you my predictions and wishes. Films I haven’t seen are marked with an asterisk (*). Who’s going to get the gold? Continue reading Oscar 2015 Predictions

FILM REVIEW: Two Days One Night

Two Days One Night (Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne, 2014)

Marion Cotillard and French film. Usually a good mix, except that this film wasn’t even French, but Belgian. And it was a bit too mundane for my tastes. Inspired by various true stories about factory workers in France, Belgium, Italy, and America, Two Days One Night charts Sandra’s (Marion Cotillard) efforts to visit all sixteen of her co-workers who have voted for her dismissal in favour of a bonus. After convincing the boss to allow another secret ballot, she sets out to win the majority vote and her job back. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Two Days One Night

FILM REVIEW: The Immigrant

The Immigrant (James Gray, 2013)

Marion Cotillard & Joaquin Phoenix
Marion Cotillard & Joaquin Phoenix

If you’re enjoying life just a bit too much at the moment, and you want a film that leaves you feeling flat and depressed, LOOK NO FURTHER! For here is a film about an illegal immigrant who gets forced into prostitution. It’s visually drab and dark, the supporting characters are wankers, and the whole situation seems hopeless. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Immigrant