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FILM REVIEW: Midnight Special

Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols, 2016)

Though some may be familiar with the song ‘Midnight Special’ which references a train which shines its light through prison windows, for others it may sound more like a suspicious meal you’d get at an all-night American diner. One that sounds intriguing but ends up being a letdown. The same could be said of director/writer Jeff Nichols’ latest film. Following his earlier works, Take Shelter and Mud, he returns with an attempt at science fiction, and while it remains intriguing throughout, there is no pay-off. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Midnight Special


Freeheld (Peter Sollett, 2015)

It’s easy to criticise the US what with its ridiculous gun laws, extreme conservatives, and woeful healthcare system, but Freeheld reminds us of something that they have finally managed to get right, while Australia languishes embarrassingly behind. Based on Cynthia Wade’s 2007 Oscar winning short documentary of the same name, Freeheld concerns a key moment in the road to marriage equality, with an individual focus. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Freeheld