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FILM REVIEW: Love, Simon (2018)

Great teen films are making a comeback. While much of the twenty-first century has seen truly great teen movies released approximately once every few years, Love, Simon is the third in just over a year to deserve teen classic status, following on from the brilliant The Edge of Seventeen and the Oscar-nominated Lady Bird. Taking cues from John Hughes, Love, Simon is an absolute delight, and is indeed as ground-breaking as all the posters suggest. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Love, Simon (2018)


Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle, 2015)

He might be a bit of a nob, but where would we be without Steve Jobs? Without the iPhone? Why, we might even have to talk to each other, heaven forbid. There’s no shortage of films about the man, with Joshua Michael Stern’s Jobs released only three years ago, starring Ashton Kutcher of all people (I mean, really? That’s the best you could do?) Thankfully Steve Jobs is a vast improvement, with Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) in the director’s seat, Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network) as screenwriter, and actor extraordinaire, Michael Fassbender in the title role. It’s certainly an improvement, but its focus may be frustratingly narrow for some. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Steve Jobs