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FILM REVIEW: Love, Simon (2018)

Great teen films are making a comeback. While much of the twenty-first century has seen truly great teen movies released approximately once every few years, Love, Simon is the third in just over a year to deserve teen classic status, following on from the brilliant The Edge of Seventeen and the Oscar-nominated Lady Bird. Taking cues from John Hughes, Love, Simon is an absolute delight, and is indeed as ground-breaking as all the posters suggest. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Love, Simon (2018)

FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World

Jurassic World (Colin Trevorrow, 2015)

The dinosaurs are back and bigger than ever! The team at Isla Nublar clearly haven’t learnt from past mistakes, but whatever. It’s time to bring the park to a new generation! Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World