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Gifted (Marc Webb, 2017)

It all looks fairly formulaic on paper. Captain America + cute kid + schmaltz = Gifted. The title alone may provoke groans, because it seems to be a term that is thrown around all too easily. From the outset it would seem that clichés would surely abound. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Gifted


Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: Manchester By the Sea, Hidden Figures & Fences

One more sleep until the Oscars and here are some more of the big contenders: Continue reading Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: Manchester By the Sea, Hidden Figures & Fences

FILM REVIEW: Insurgent

Insurgent (Robert Schwentke, 2015)

With a new director and screenwriters at the helm, Insurgent is the second and latest instalment in the Divergent trilogy. It looks mostly the same as last year’s Divergent, except that Tris (Shailene Woodley) has that pixie haircut going (after The Fault in Our Stars massacred her long locks last year). She looks a hell of a lot older and about a foot taller, though considering she’s well past the growth-spurt age, I think it’s just the hair. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Insurgent

FILM REVIEW: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer (Joon-ho Bong, 2013)

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Considering that this was initially released pretty much nowhere in Australia (Thank you Cinema Nova for being the only place to show it in Melbourne), you might assume that Snowpiercer is a wacky, out-there, too-crazy-to-comprehend type of film, but you would be wrong. While it is a little outside of the mainstream, this is decent science-fiction with a relatively easy storyline to follow, with a few known faces thrown in for good measure. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Snowpiercer