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Ghost (Melbourne, 2016)

Three years after it was first scheduled to arrive, Ghost the musical comes to Australia. To many its initial cancellation wasn’t a shock – out of all the shows we could get, Ghost?! The show that lasted only four months on Broadway? When we still hadn’t had Matilda, The Book of Mormon, or about twenty other superior musicals? Problems with transporting the intricate set were the official reason the show was cancelled back in 2013, and many probably thought it would never turn up. It did, and was it worth it? Maybe. Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Ghost

CONCERT REVIEW: Twisted Broadway (2015)

Twisted Broadway (2015)

Hold onto your hats, chaps. The best show in town has returned. And this time it’s bigger and better than ever. Starting off at Red Bennies in 2010, moving onto Fed Square, and then the Playhouse Theatre, this year Twisted Broadway raised the roof at The Arts Centre’s State Theatre. For the uninitiated, Twisted Broadway brings together performers from the musical theatre industry in a one night only concert event to raise money for Oz Showbiz Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The guys sing the female numbers, the girls the male. And it’s pretty damn amazing. Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Twisted Broadway (2015)


As a kid I was obsessed with Grease. I saw the film and instantly fell in love. John Travolta was my first celebrity crush – this was before he became an old crazy scientologist who royally mangled Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars. (Shame on you, John). I used to listen to my Grease cassette tape all the time and start and stop it every few seconds so I could write down the lyrics to every song (“Rama lama lama ka ding a da ding a dong” is quite hard to understand without Google, kids, so you should be impressed).  Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Grease