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Lion (Garth Davis, 2016)

Many will be familiar with Saroo Brierley’s story, having previously been covered some years back by 60 Minutes. Now it gets the big screen treatment in Lion. Five-year-old Saroo (Sunny Pawar) gets lost in Calcutta, India, 1600km from home, unable to find his way back to his brother Guddu (Abhishek Bharate) and mother Kamla (Priyanka Bose). Living on the streets for three weeks before being transferred to an orphanage, Saroo is then adopted by Australian couple Sue (Nicole Kidman) and John Brierley (David Wenham) and goes to live with them in Hobart. As an adult, Saroo (now played by Dev Patel) becomes fixated on finding his birth mother to let her know he is safe, turning to Google Earth for help. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Lion


Carol (Todd Haynes, 2015)

Patricia Highsmith (author of The Talented Mr Ripley and The Two Faces of January) wrote The Price of Salt under a pseudonym back in 1952, based loosely on her own experiences. In 1990 the book was republished under her real name, and retitled Carol at her request. Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy – who has only previously written one other screenplay, Mrs. Harris – wrote the first draft of the screenplay twenty years ago. Now after eleven years in development Carol has finally made it to the big screen under the very capable direction of Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven). Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Carol


Pan (Joe Wright, 2015)

Fairies, pirates, and Hugh Jackman. This should have been awesome. And it started off looking like it would be. Initial scenes showing Peter (Levi Miller) in the orphanage carry a sense of excitement, and when pirates start bursting down from the ceiling to whisk away the boys on a flying pirate ship, it seems as if we’re in for a treat. The sequence that follows is incredible, and then we end up on Neverland, where a bunch of ferals scream out a Nirvana number which, quite frankly, is odd. You’re not Baz Luhrmann, Joe Wright. If you’re going to insert a random contemporary musical number, YOU NEED TO COMMIT. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Pan


Trash (Stephen Daldry, 2014)

Raphael (Rickson Tevez), a Brazilian street teenager, spends his days sifting through mountains of trash in the hopes of finding something valuable. One day he finds a wallet containing money and other documents, and pockets the lot. Soon after, the police arrive, advertising a reward for anyone who can find the wallet. Though his friend Rato (Gabriel Weinstein) suggests they hand it in, Raphael suspects that there is more to the wallet than the authorities are letting on. So begins a daring and dangerous adventure that reveals the extent of corruption within government and law enforcement agencies. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Trash


Her (Spike Jonze, 2013)

Be afraid. Be very afraid. No this isn’t a horror movie, but when you think about it, the prospect of artificial intelligence becoming crazily advanced is a bit worrying. Operating systems could kill us all! That’s not actually what this movie is about but it is an implication. No, what Her is really about is recent divorcé Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and how he falls for his artificially intelligent operating system, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Her