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FILM REVIEW: Holding the Man

Holding the Man (Neil Armfield, 2015)

It’s a difficult task to make a film that while tragic, is full of so many moments of beauty and joy. But that’s exactly what Neil Armfield has done in Holding the Man. Based on Timothy Conigrave’s memoir of the same name (which later became a critically acclaimed and much loved play), the film details the fifteen year relationship between Tim (Ryan Corr) and his partner John Caleo (Craig Stott), from their initial attraction in high school, through their university years, and their battle with the AIDS virus. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Holding the Man


FILM REVIEW: The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner (Russell Crowe, 2014)

Following his starring role in the biblical epic Noah earlier in the year, Russell Crowe once again plays the hero who can feel the water coming. But this time it is a local story, and one that acts as his directing debut. The garish opening credits lower expectations and it’s fairly obvious that The Water Diviner hasn’t been made by a seasoned pro. It’s one of the weaker Australian films released in 2014 (as there have been some great ones) but it still has its strengths. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Water Diviner

FILM REVIEW: Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2 (Greg McLean, 2013)

Terrifying. I’ve never been much of a horror movie fan, although I have always been intrigued by psychopaths and serial killers (I’m totally not a weirdo though). I saw the first Wolf Creek (Greg McLean, 2005) only because someone asked me to go with them, and I found it horrific. A large part of me did not want to see the sequel (even the ad on TV was freaking me out) but a tiny part of me was intrigued to see what would unfold. Early on in the film, I was somewhat regretting that choice. And I did consider walking out which is something I never do. But I didn’t. My friend and I sat it out (hands in front of faces) until the bitter end. And then I made my Dad pick me up from the train station because I was too scared to walk home alone in the dark. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Wolf Creek 2