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Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: The Salesman, Life & The LEGO Batman Movie

An Iranian drama, an alien sci-fi and a kids’ (or is it?) animation make up this round of Short ‘n’ Sweet. Continue reading Short ‘n’ Sweet Reviews: The Salesman, Life & The LEGO Batman Movie



Deadpool (Tim Miller, 2016)

So superhero movies often suck, unless they’re The Dark Knight trilogy or the original Spiderman movies. Last year Guardians of the Galaxy was supposedly meant to break the mould because it had a great soundtrack and a greater frequency of jokes. But it was NOT. THAT. GOOD. And so it seemed unlikely that this supposed new twist on the genre would be any different. But lo and behold, Deadpool was actually vastly superior to any American comic book adaptation we have seen of late, and not just because Ryan Reynolds wears a RENT t-shirt in it. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Deadpool

FILM REVIEW: Woman in Gold

Woman in Gold (Simon Curtis, 2015)

In Woman in Gold, Helen Mirren plays Maria Altman, a Jewish refugee who fled Austria for America before the outbreak of World War II, never to see her family again. Many decades later, after the death of her sister, she enlists the help of inexperienced lawyer Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds) to help her reclaim artwork stolen from her family by the Nazis. Of greatest value is Gustave Klimt’s ‘Woman in Gold’, a painting of Maria’s cherished Aunt Adele Bloch-Bauer, which hangs in the Austrian State Gallery in Vienna. With the case spanning over a decade, Maria is forced to face her demons by revisiting Vienna, where painful memories of Nazi occupation resurface. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Woman in Gold

FILM REVIEW: The Captive

The Captive (Atom Egoyan, 2014)

The Captive involves every parent’s worst nightmare, and if you have young kids I would advise skipping this one unless you like to embrace paranoia. Abducted when she is only nine years old, Cass (played initially by Peyton Kennedy and then Alexia Fast) remains locked away in a pedophile’s basement eight years later. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Captive