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FILM REVIEW: A Star is Born (2018)

Following the 1937 original, and two further remakes starring Judy Garland in 1954 and Barbra Streisand in 1976, the current version of A Star is Born has been in the pipeline for some time. With Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood expressing interest in directing, and Beyoncé attached as the lead for some time, the final product is brought to the screen by Bradley Cooper, with Lady Gaga as its star. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: A Star is Born (2018)



Joy (David O. Russell, 2015)

If anyone can sell a mop, it’s Jennifer Lawrence. At face value, inventing and selling household appliances may not be the most thrilling of subject matter, however Joy is an intriguing look into the risk-taking game of business. A rags to riches story based loosely on the life of Joy Mangano, inventor of the ‘Miracle Mop’, Joy is ultimately an odd film. David O. Russell imbues this film with a frenetic vibe – not dissimilar to that in his previous films Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle – that takes a little getting used to. But if you’re willing to go with the flow, it’s a relatively fun – if a little too long – ride. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Joy


Burnt (John Wells, 2015)

Bradley Cooper + food. Who could ask for anything more? While our television screens remain saturated with cooking competitions, cinema is slowly getting in on the act, with last year’s Chef and The Hundred-Foot Journey appealing to audiences’ taste buds, with Burnt the latest addition. With a screenplay by The Hundred-Foot Journey’s Steven McKnight, Burnt sees its characters similarly aim for the most coveted prize in fine dining: three Michelin stars. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Burnt