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FILM REVIEW: The Children Act (2017)

Ian McEwan’s penchant for fine storytelling is on display once more in The Children Act. Based on his novel of the same name, McEwan has adapted his own work yet again for the screen with terrific results following on from the recent On Chesil Beach. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Children Act (2017)

FILM REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (Bill Condon, 2017)

It’s finally here. The live Disney musical we’ve all been waiting for. Twenty-six years after the animated original (one of the few animated films with an Oscar nomination for Best Picture), the live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast graces our screens. While it’s not the first live action adaptation of a much loved Disney animated classic – following Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book – it is the first to retain its most crucial element: the music. Does that then mean it’s simply an unnecessary rehash? It’s depends on your level of pessimism, your fondness for nostalgia, and possibly how much you value animation. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

FILM REVIEW: Spotlight

Spotlight (Tom McCarthy, 2015)

It’s apt that on the first day that Cardinal Pell testified via video link as part of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in the Catholic church, that Spotlight took home the Oscar for Best Picture. Spotlight takes us back fifteen years to 2001, when the Boston Globe’s ‘Spotlight’ team investigated the cover-up of child sexual abuse by priests in the Boston area.  It’s chilling to watch as the journalists react incredulously to the possibility of there being approximately 90 pedophile priests in the area, given what we know now about how far-reaching these heinous crimes were. The end credits list the cities all over the world to have uncovered further abuse – it is sickening stuff. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Spotlight

FILM REVIEW: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (Francis Lawrence, 2015)

I may be scorned for saying that The Hunger Games is my favourite trilogy, but give me teenagers fighting to the death over Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or The Godfather any day. The first two films – The Hunger Games and Catching Fire – set a high bar for the dystopian future teen genre, with nothing yet coming close in quality. The first film instalment of the third book, Mockingjay, was somewhat underwhelming in comparison, serving merely as a set-up for the final showdown. But with Mockingjay Part 2 there’s a return to form, in what is the most thought-provoking film of the bunch. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

FILM REVIEW: A Little Chaos

A Little Chaos (Alan Rickman, 2014)

Severus Snape is king! Or to be exact, King Louis XIV of France, in Alan Rickman’s latest feature, A Little Chaos. After making his directorial debut with The Winter Guest seventeen years ago, it’s been a long time between drinks due to a tiny little thing called Harry Potter taking up much of Rickman’s time. But now that Harry has grown up and Snape is all but a heart-wrenching memory in our Muggle hearts, Rickman gets his chance to dazzle once more in (as well as out of) the director’s seat. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: A Little Chaos

FILM REVIEW: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (Francis Lawrence, 2014)
clairestbearestreviews_filmreview_hungergames_mockingjay_jenniferlawrence_posterAs exciting as the release of a new Hunger Games instalment can be, I had some reservations about Mockingjay – Part 1. Despite being the shortest book in the trilogy (by a few pages) its filmmakers are following in the footsteps of Harry Potter and the Twilight series and splitting the final novel in two – ah, that old chestnut.  Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1