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FILM REVIEW: My Skinny Sister

My Skinny Sister (Sanna Lenken, 2015)

It’s sadly all too common for women in Western society to experience body image concerns. In a culture where thin is in, and beauty is everything, girls are taught to hate their bodies from early on, with severe cases resulting in the onset of eating disorders. Writer and director Sanna Lenken suffered from anorexia nervosa during her adolescence, and witnessed the effect this had on her parents and younger sister. Feeling that this aspect was sorely lacking in fictional onscreen accounts of the disorder, she wrote My Skinny Sister, a fictional portrayal told from the perspective of the younger sister of a teenage girl suffering from anorexia. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: My Skinny Sister


FILM REVIEW: Force Majeure

Force Majeure (Ruben Östlund, 2014)

I’m sure everyone would like to think that they would be a hero in a disaster situation, but sometimes the gut instinct is to get the hell out of there and to hell with anyone else. Unfortunately, this is how Tomas (Johannes Kuhnke) reacts in the face of an oncoming avalanche on a family skiing holiday to the French Alps, leaving his wife and two children to fend for themselves. Dick move, Tomas. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Force Majeure

FILM REVIEW: We Are the Best!

We Are the Best! (Lukas Moodysson, 2013)

Liv LeMoyne, Mira Barkhammar, & Mira Grosin
Liv LeMoyne, Mira Barkhammar, & Mira Grosin

It’s hard to begrudge a tween punk band who create a rebellious song about their hatred for school sport. Right on sisters! In Lukas Moodysson’s We Are the Best!, androgynous seventh graders Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) and Klara (Mira Grosin) refuse to accept that punk is dead in 1982 Sweden. On a whim they decide to start up a band, despite having never previously picked up an instrument. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: We Are the Best!