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THEATRE ON FILM REVIEW: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (2018)

Back in 2000, the film gods gave us Billy Elliot, a story about a boy who wanted to break gender stereotypes and be a ballet dancer. In a supporting role, Billy’s friend Michael is revealed to enjoy cross-dressing, with this scene celebrated in one of the best numbers in the stage musical adaptation (which premiered on the West End in 2005), ‘Expressing Yourself’. Elton John’s lyrics include “What the hell’s wrong with wearing a dress, being who you want to be… What the hell is wrong with expressing yourself? For trying to be free”. It’s a beautiful moment but its place in the show is mostly as a comical reprieve from the drama of the main character. Continue reading THEATRE ON FILM REVIEW: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (2018)


The Sublime (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2014)

Ben O'Toole, Anna Samson, & Josh McConville
Ben O’Toole, Anna Samson, & Josh McConville

Oh the controversy! I had no idea that Brendan Cowell’s The Sublime had provoked such conflicting reactions until I trawled the internet after seeing it yesterday. The MTC has even published a statement in response to criticism of its decision to stage such a play.

Continue reading THEATRE REVIEW: The Sublime


The Effect (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2014)

Zahra Newman & Nathaniel Dean
Zahra Newman & Nathaniel Dean

A guy and a girl take part in a clinical trial for a new anti-depressant drug and end up falling for each other. Is their love for real or is it simply a side effect? This is the question at the centre of Lucy Prebble’s The Effect, but to be honest the sub-plot is far more intriguing.  Continue reading THEATRE REVIEW: The Effect

MUSICAL REVIEW: The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show (2014)
magenta janet columbiaAnyone unfamiliar with Rocky Horror should be forewarned: it’s weird and it’s sexual. Prudes need not apply. It’s also not for kids. Seriously, parents! DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS TO THIS SHOW. They’re too young for blow job jokes. Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: The Rocky Horror Show


As a kid I was obsessed with Grease. I saw the film and instantly fell in love. John Travolta was my first celebrity crush – this was before he became an old crazy scientologist who royally mangled Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars. (Shame on you, John). I used to listen to my Grease cassette tape all the time and start and stop it every few seconds so I could write down the lyrics to every song (“Rama lama lama ka ding a da ding a dong” is quite hard to understand without Google, kids, so you should be impressed).  Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Grease

THEATRE REVIEW: Private Lives (Melbourne Theatre Company)

Private Lives (Melbourne Theatre Company, 2014)

When the curtain came down I was a bit lost for words. All I could do was shake my head and ask “what just happened?” I was so confused. I didn’t get the point…but I did. But I just didn’t. AND WHY WAS THERE JACKSON FIVE MUSIC IN A 1930s PLAY?! Continue reading THEATRE REVIEW: Private Lives (Melbourne Theatre Company)

5 reasons why it doesn’t make sense to say you hate musicals

One thing that really grinds my gears (alongside bigots, arrogance, and people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator) is when people make the massive generalisation that they “hate musicals”. I understand when people say that musicals aren’t really their thing – I’m the same way with action movies and epics. But I would never say “I hate action movies” because a) I don’t see enough of them to really have much of an opinion on the genre, and b) on rare occasions I have enjoyed certain action films. If you were to say you hated A particular musical, then fine. But saying you hate ALL musical theatre is an ignorant comment. Here are five reasons why: Continue reading 5 reasons why it doesn’t make sense to say you hate musicals

MUSICAL REVIEW: Rent (Next Step Productions)

Rent (Next Step Productions, 2014)
rent poster
People who know me well might be aware that I have a bad habit of getting personally offended when someone criticises something I love. One of those things is Rent – my favourite musical. When my boyfriend told me he didn’t think it was that great I may have told him he didn’t have a soul, which didn’t go down that well. But I think I’ve figured out some of the reasons why people might not like Rent:

Continue reading MUSICAL REVIEW: Rent (Next Step Productions)

Melbourne Theatre 2013 in Review

I haven’t seen a musical in over 2 months (*gasp*!) and I’m waiting for Grease tickets to not be a total rip, so for now I will review the year that was 2013 in the theatre world. Again there’s a fair few to get through so apologies for the length. This list mostly consists of professional musicals along with a couple of Broadway-star concerts, a charity event, and a play. Continue reading Melbourne Theatre 2013 in Review