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FILM REVIEW: The Front Runner (2018)

In a time where a man with multiple allegations of sexual assault against him can become president, it’s crazy to think that thirty years ago another man’s presidential campaign could come crashing down so easily because of adultery. In 1987 Gary Hart was considered the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic Party presidential primaries, but withdrew from the campaign a week after news broke of his alleged affair with his mistress, Donna Rice. George H.W. Bush went on to win the 1988 election for the Republican Party. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Front Runner (2018)


The Judge (David Dobkin, 2014)

Robert Downey Jr & Robert Duvall
Robert Downey Jr. & Robert Duvall

YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Oh wait, wrong movie. But the trailer still promised us a COURTROOM SHOWDOWN and it delivered. The critics have been a little harsh on The Judge, perhaps unfairly. It was a decent film, though it’s definitely not going to be part of the Oscar race. The Academy likes schmaltz, but you’ve got to be a little more subtle than this.

Continue reading FILM REVIEW: The Judge