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Top 30 Films of 2015

And so another year comes to a close, and it’s been a great one for film. From solid dramas to compelling science fiction, to well-made biopics, dark comedies, animation, smart female comedy, blockbusters that were actually good, a few musicals, and some excellent local film, 2015 has had it all. The following list is obviously based on personal tastes, and may conflict with other movie lovers, so please just remember, this is only one opinion. Counting down from 30 we have: Continue reading Top 30 Films of 2015


Wild Tales (Damián Szifrón, 2014)

Wild Tales is the most seen Argentinian film of all time, and was nominated for best foreign language film at this year’s Oscars. Though this might work in its favour, many will be tempted to write it off as foreign, pretentious wankery that they won’t waste their time with because subtitles are too much effort, wah wah wah. Well I wouldn’t call myself a lover of foreign film (I see some, I like some of what I see) but I would implore all cinema lovers to see this film. Continue reading FILM REVIEW: Wild Tales

Oscar 2015 Predictions

Oscars on Monday! (or Sunday for Americans). Same as last year – I’m giving you my predictions and wishes. Films I haven’t seen are marked with an asterisk (*). Who’s going to get the gold? Continue reading Oscar 2015 Predictions